We Made Equip After More Than 20 Years Supporting Small Businesses

Equip by Primepoint

For more than 20 years, Primepoint has been serving customers of all sizes, from entrepreneurs running their first payroll to organizations with 10,000 employees or more. That history gives us a unique perspective on the challenges all of our clients face when using payroll solutions.

Smaller Companies Have Different Needs

We developed Equip to meet those different needs, with a solution that is quick, easy, accurate, and affordable for any small business. While we may be built on the backbone of a system that can handle organizations with thousands of people with complex needs, we’ve simplified our solution while still getting the same level of accuracy and reliability.

Equip - Man wood working in shop
Equip - Family Floral Business

We Support Small Businesses

We started as a small family business and we’ve grown into a larger family business. Through all that, we know what it’s like to just get started. While we have made our system intuitive and easy to use, we also include a support portal and a knowledge base to help you with any questions.

Small Businesses Are All Equip Does

We made a conscious decision to design Equip for smaller businesses. If you are a larger employer or have complex needs, we encourage you to go to Primepoint and explore the options we have for organizations like yours.

Equip - Customer making payment to barista

Have more complex payroll needs?

For larger businesses or more complex payroll needs, Primepoint was designed to serve organizations like yours. Explore options for organizations that require more from their payroll solution.

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